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SCP 2008

Cool SPM group

Even on the last class still very focus and hard at work

Superkids siow and super!!

SPM looks good

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Success Coaching Program (SCP)

"Put Your Child in an Environment that Cares and Activates their Learning with Novel Approaches in Order to Turn Motivation into Habit"

As you may realise, the SuperKids and 'I Am Gifted, So Are You!' program has created tremendous changes in your children. Just like anything new, it is important to take proactive measures to sustain that motivation.

You have been given a simple, easy-to-use guide and useful strategies that can be reference for you to keep your children on track. However, you may find you have no time, no energy, or lack the confidence or skills to make it happen effectively.

If your children are not taking the skills and putting them into practice, we can help, particularly if:

  • You are too busy at work to supervise your children;
  • You don’t want your child’s learnings to go to waste;
  • You feel your child needs a different learning strategy;
  • You want a person who has the right level of skills who can constantly motivate your children effectively;
  • You want to see tangible results;
  • You know your children are capable of achieving, but need someone to monitor their efforts.

Research suggests that motivation, being an emotional state, is always in a state of flux. Motivation occurs only when there is a sufficient reason to move towards something desirable or away from something undesirable.

Does any of this describe your Children?

  • Intelligent but not driven?
  • Motivated and confident after the program, but died down after 2 to 3 weeks?
  • Slow’ at learning?
  • Constantly needing supervision?

The Success Coaching Program will be able to help!

Call 03-7725 0212 to book your seat now!!!